Need Portfolio Pieces?

Work from Home Why Not Try Micro-Volunteering!

Not only can you help your fellow man (or cause), but you can create lasting relationships and professional samples for your portfolio.

Micro-Volunteering typically does not require an application process, screening or training period, takes only minutes or a few hours to complete, and does not require an ongoing commitment by the volunteer.

Oh and don’t forget, you can write off your billable hours on your tax return, as this is considered a “donation”. So its a win-win for both you and the non-profit you’re helping.

Here are a few Micro-Volunteering sites:

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Career Development and Industry Outreach: ------------------------------------------------------------ • Provide one-on-one employment assistance • Advise on interview techniques and job searching skills • Critique resume and review demo's or portfolio's • Provide industry trends and online resources • Assist in identifying areas requiring further training • Present and attend lectures, advisory meetings, and conventions • Cultivate relationships with industry related businesses

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