How to Make Money Writing Online

Online publishing provides new opportunities for freelancers, writers and aspiring authors. Earn passive income and expand your portfolio, while also gaining experience.

There are many people who are interested in freelance writing as a hobby and extra source of revenue, but some simply don’t know where to start their new mini-career as a writer. But with today’s emphasis on technology and the internet, many aspiring authors, journalists, reporters and reviewers are finding writing opportunities online.

An online writing portfolio can serve as a springboard into print and other more lucrative opportunities, such as working as a website columnist or feature writer.

Online publishing also provides added exposure to the writer’s work, since virtually anyone can encounter the articles. Writers can also refer potential employers to the website where their work is published, thereby serving as a portfolio of sorts.

How to Publish Writing Online

There are an array of websites that hire freelance writers to write on a number of topics, ranging from film and television, to gardening, to relationships and pet care.

Some websites, like, are more selective and have an application process in place to screen writing applicants. Other websites, like, allow even novice writers to publish work, providing an outlet for inexperienced writers who are seeking to gain experience and clips.

The following websites can serve as good places to begin for aspiring writers and authors, journalism students, English majors, freelancers and anyone else who is interesting in getting their work published.

Suite101 employs over 1,000 freelance writers, who are contracted to write a minimum of ten stories every 90 days. The application takes just a few minutes to complete and freelancers are required to submit two writing samples for review.

If approved, Contributing Writers can author 400 to 600-word articles on hundreds of topics, and if there’s a particular subject that interests a Contributing Writer, he or she can apply for a vacant Feature Writer position.

Suite101 Section Editors work one-on-one with writers to improve their articles and maintain high standards of content quality and uniformity on the site. Writer forums provide freelancers an opportunity to share ideas and network.

Writers are bound to an exclusivity clause in their contract, affording Suite101 exclusive electronic rights to each article for one full year after its publication date. After an article has been on display for one year, writers are free to display their work on other websites. The writer always retains the copyright to their work.

Like many other sites, Suite101 writers are paid from ad click revenue generated by the ads that are displayed alongside their articles. Therefore, writers are paid as long as their material remains on the site. is designed to provide website visitors with step-by-step directions on how to do just about everything, from how to find a lost pet to how to get out of a speeding ticket.

eHow writers come from all walks of life and there is no application process or fee associated with becoming an eHow “novice,” “enthusiast” or “authority.”

eHow writers are invited to write as frequently or as infrequently as they please. Writers are free to submit previously published material, as long as that individual owns the copyright and electronic rights to the material.

Articles on eHow take on a unique form, with a brief introduction, a list of necessary materials, how-to directions listed step-by-step, tips and a section on any warnings associated with the how-to project.

Like Suite101, eHow writers are paid according to a revenue sharing model, with freelance authors earning money per ad click. is slightly different from Suite101 and eHow, in that the site does not pay writers from ad revenue. Instead, writers can submit articles that are then purchased by customers who visit the site seeking content for their websites, books, brochures and businesses. Freelance bloggers, photographers, illustrators and videographers are also free to submit content on the site.

Freelancers are encouraged to submit their material to Constant-Content for review. Once accepted, the article or other multimedia is listed on the site as available for purchase. Freelancers can select from three different options: usage, which means that the freelancer maintains full rights and the customer is authorized to use the material unchanged; unique purchase, which means that the customer can use the material exclusively, and the material is removed from the site, preventing further use; and full rights, which is similar to a unique purchase, with the exception that the rights are transferred to the customer, who is then free to alter the material as they see fit.

Freelancers can also accept content requests from customers.

These three sites are just a few of the many that exist on the web for anyone seeking to start a mini-writing career. These three sites can equip writers with the experience and portfolio material that’s necessary to land other writing and freelancing positions in the field. And writing for the internet will give new writers an opportunity found nowhere else: exposure and an opportunity to hone their craft while working from home.

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