Working for CNN

Is your dream job to work for one of the big players in this industry?  If you answered yes, you will want to check out how CNN hire’s entry-level Video Journalists.  You can work in one of three main areas including technical control room, video editing, or editorial.

CNN Video Journalists

Entry-level hiring at CNN is done through a Video Journalist position.

Job Description

The Video Journalist (VJ) position, offered at the Atlanta Headquarters of the Cable News Network (CNN-US/CNN International/HLN), provides hands-on experience and training for entry-level candidates pursuing one of three career goals: technical control room, video editing, or editorial. VJs fill a variety of jobs in many departments at CNN, CNNI, HLN and CNN Media Operations. The primary duties are floor directing, teleprompting, and script distribution for live broadcasts, as well as production support for Media Operations.

Strong performers among the VJ ranks may have the opportunity to train with media coordinators, video editors, assignment editors, writers, producers, audio operators, electronic graphics operators, and master control operators. However, this is not guaranteed and is subject to individual performance and job time constraints.

Video Journalists are at will, hourly employees and are guaranteed a scheduled 40-hour workweek with the potential for overtime. Video Journalists are expected to work all major holidays, unless they fall on their scheduled off days or during designated vacation time. To compensate, newsroom employees receive four weeks of paid vacation per year, prorated from their hire date.


Promotions are based on merit and an evaluation process that may include practical and/or written assessments. A promotion is not guaranteed, but many Video Journalists move to higher positions in the newsroom within six to twelve months. Video Journalists are expected to advance to other positions within the organization within the first 24 months of their employment, or they will be subject to termination of employment, absent exigent circumstances.

Qualifications Preferred

A four-year degree from an accredited university or demonstrated experience in the field.

Technical candidates should have hands-on technical experience. Editorial and video editing candidates should have writing experience in television or print production. Most applicants gain experience through campus newspapers, radio stations, or television studios, as well as through professional internships.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a strong news background and interest in either the technical or editorial aspects of broadcast journalism. We also search for academically diverse candidates who can contribute to CNN’s broad international scope of news coverage.

All interested video journalist candidates must formally apply online. You will need to submit your profile, cover letter, and resume for the “video journalist” position. During the interview process, you may also be asked to submit writing assignments. These writing assignments are only given to those candidates we feel are strong enough to move on to the next phase in the application process.

Apply Online

You will need to submit your profile, cover letter, and resume for the “video journalist” position.
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