Sample Work – Bret Mavrich

Title: “One Thing Stories”,, by Bret Mavrich

Description:  OTS was a project I created to engage a large conference hosted by my church at the end of every year. The conference draws 25K+ young people who are very active on social media. I noticed that a story that wasn’t being captured was the positive experiences the attendees were having. In response, I built a website aimed at capturing those stories and engaging the conference attendees called “One Thing Stories.” By using a really light coding platform called “Bootstrap,” I was able to build a responsive site that functioned great on the thousands of mobile devices at the conference. I also used a fantastic aggregation tool that provided on-the-go stats that helped me determine what content was being viewed and shared the most. While the project was mostly an exercise in content aggregation, the most popular posts were features that I crafted from the media shared by others.

 It was a little bit rough and ugly, but I’m proud of the accomplishment of conceptualizing a new-media project, planning several of the different aspects of it,  building it from scratch, then seeing it really take off in a live context, then evaluating it post-conference to determine what I will do differently next year. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t actually at the conference; I launched the site and managed it-solo from 800 miles away, approving content for post from my phone, or answering people via Twitter. The applications of this kind of work span the breadth of digital media, from conference engagement, to digital storytelling, to hard journalism, to marketing; it’s a project that I will build off of for future work for sure.

Tools used: 

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 — Used to build OneThing Stories from scratch (no themes)
Adobe Premiere CS6 — for short videos shared to Vine.
Adobe AfterEffects CS6— for short videos shared to Vine
Twitter Bootstrap — a stripped down, highly customizable, mobile-first code platform.
RebelMouse — An awesome social media aggregate platform that is customizable (via CSS), embedable, and flexible. It formed the basis for all site/story content
Twitter — indispensable for finding content and then continuing conversations about popular content on OneThing Stories
Instagram — a repository of pictures from the conference that I funneled into RebelMouse.
Vine — I generated very little original content to add to OTS, but when I did, I tried to generate viral-quality short videos through this platform.


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