Weekly Job Update – 9/29

Lead flow was very scarce this week, and that’s the nature of the business.  Sometimes employers want to work closely with us, other times we don’t hear from them.  That’s why our department should be supplemental to your robust and active job search.  However, don’t forget to check out Fox News on campus next week (available online as well).  

Check out a few of jobs we’ve posted the Week of Sept 29 – Oct 3

If you have any questions about these opportunities, or don’t have location listed on your focus, reach out to me so I can update your profile.

Internal Job Leads – sent via email****based on your location focus

  • Production Assistant – Media Desk NYC, NY
  • Publicity Media Coordinator – Charisma Media Lake Mary, FL
  • Director of Marketing – Orlando EDC Orlando, FL

MCConnects Jobs Posted – our Facebook group

  • News Writers – RIA Global Washington,DC
  • Awesome Bloggers – Baristas Remotely
  • Blogger/Writer – Billow Remotely
  • Editorial Internship – Esquire NYC
  • Conservative Writers – Stand Strong Enterprises Remotely
  • Men’s Lifestyle Blogger – TSB Magazine Remotely

Tweeted Jobs!  

You have to follow me to see them. @FSKdelacerna 

If  you have any questions, or your resume isn’t ready for one of these opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me so we can schedule a resume review.


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