How You Really Sound in Job Interviews

This is a nice sampling of possible things that can go wrong during a job interview. Always remember to be informed, be creative and be courteous.


Boost your interview chances with Jobscan

Searching for a job is a full time job between researching, networking, tailoring content to match the job description and more.

Creating Word Clouds helps identify the most important keywords in a job description; Jobscan takes it a step further by not only analyzing the description but comparing your resume against it.

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Three Types of Content All Marketers Should Write


In today’s marketing world, new tools and tactics are forcing forward-thinking marketers to change their approach. Gone are the days when writing about your brand’s name or products ends in your desired result. The modern marketer needs to understand how to be a compelling storyteller, which includes writing content in a variety of different ways.

Here are today’s three most relevant marketing writing styles and when to use them.

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Meet the All Star Team from House of Blues/Live Nation


7 tips for creating a functional home workspace


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7 tips for creating a functional home workspace BY JENNIFER PARRIS Maybe you’re tired of schlepping into the office every day. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t love your micromanaging boss. In an effort to score some more work-life balance … Continue reading

15 Websites To Jump Start Your Career


These should definitely be staples in your job search, but need to be accompanied with you industry specific resources. 15 Websites To Jump Start Your Career by: Kathryn Dill, Forbes Staff In writing about careers for Forbes, I have the opportunity to research, … Continue reading

6 Things NOT To Say In A Job Interview

Although they seem like common sense, these are often some of the most common responses used in the mock interview and interview process.  Be prepared for your interview.  Check out our Interview Guide or schedule an appointment with me.

6 things not to say in a job interview

Wriiten by Amanda Augustine

Believe it or not, most interviewers aren’t trying to trick you. They want you to do well in the interview, and be the candidate of their dreams. As the interviewee, however, it’s easy to overthink – or underthink – a question and respond in a way that raises a red flag. Our job-search experts at TheLadders have gathered 6 of the top flag-raising phrases candidates say in interviews, and we’re telling you what you’re really saying to the interviewer.

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