Professional Email Etiquette


Have you ever received an email that is written in a non-professional tone?  To be honest, it’s hard to take that email serious if it isn’t written with professional etiquette.  Here is what employers say about writing professional etiquette emails.

1. No professional email address, no job for you. 

  • Lilragamuffin@ and workhardforthe$@ just doesn’t work.  Literally, they probably aren’t working if they’re using that email address.
  • Brand your email address after your name or your website.
  • What does your email say about you?

2. Make sure your name populates when sending an email from your phone. 

Gmail Email

Did Gmail really email today?

3. No signature or no name.  Employers response….DELETE.  

  • Employers need to know:  Your Name, Title, Contact Info                  
  • Don’t forget to add a signature to your response email settings too.
No Signature

“Thank you for your email.  Who are you again?”

4. Do not write in all CAPITALS.  If you yell at someone, you can expect someone to yell back at you.


Why are you yelling at me? Photo Credit:

5. Do not write an email in a casual, text message or tweet tone.

  • Write in complete sentences and correct grammar.
  • No text acronyms or slang i.e. LOL, goin’, Hey, etc.
  • A simple “Yes” response tells employers that you haven’t taken the time to write a professional and articulate email.
Casual Email

This email is equivalent to showing up to a cocktail party in a bathing suit.

6. Respond to all questions and subjects in the email

  • This is a true sign of your ability to pay attention to details.  If you write it on your resume, make sure its true.