What Can You Do With Your Degree?

For a better understanding of your role in the industry, review the following resources below. In addition, carefully review each category and profession to see what resonates as your professional title.

Get In Media—a Full Sail University site, offers a stockpile of career information: company profiles, job descriptions, and the inside scoop from media professionals to help you navigate the entertainment business. Get In Media’s writers chart the media landscape, offering news, interviews, and features that tell the stories of the people who make the stuff you love.


Not sure what you’ve done at your job?  A great resource for resume content is Onetonline.orgThis site will provide the tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities that you do in specific jobs, which needs to be described in your work and experience.

This survey was conducted on behalf of AIGA and its partner Aquent, with the cooperation of Communication Arts magazine. The research is part of AIGA’s comprehensive program of activities that serve the professional designer by providing strategies for success as well as sources of inspiration. The survey was conducted by Readex Research, an independent research company in Stillwater, Minnesota.


• Strategy Director or Design Strategist
A strategy director or design strategist is responsible for the overall strategic direction of client initiatives through the research and development phase, in which a clear understanding of end user’s or target audience’s needs is gained, to the execution phase, where findings are applied to create solutions. This position would include design or account planning.

• Writer/Copywriter
A writer/copywriter is responsible for writing, editing and proofing message and story copy for print or interactive projects. Writers may also be responsible for strategic and conceptual development of messages and stories.


• Information Architect
An information architect is a designer who applies user-centered research concepts and techniques to organize websites and applications to best support the needs of users, through the development of navigation, labeling and searching systems that make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

• Social Media or Online Community Manager
A social media or online community manager is a professional responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined social media strategy and responsible for evaluating, planning, organizing, managing and contributing to all social media channels.

• Web Content Strategist
A Web content strategist is responsible for planning content creation, delivery, and governance. Tasks may include: web editorial strategies, guidelines, content analysis including metadata, taxonomy and search engine optimization. Often works with a writer.


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